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Established on : June 1956

First Ambassador :  HE Awad Satti

The Sudanese Embassy in London A Short History of a Long and enduring Friendship Sudan declared independence peacefully after a vote in parliament on 19 December 1955. Read More

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H.E. Ambassador Mohammed Abdalla Ali Eltom

"Mr. Eltom has been in the Foreign Service for nearly 28 years. "He served in various regions in the world where he held positions in Sudan Embassies in the Middle East in Amman-Jordan, Damascus-Syria and Abu-Dhabi-UAE.".

"He then served in Sudan’s Embassy in Washington DC where he was selected by the Foreign Ministry to be within the diplomatic staff that re-inaugurated the Embassy after a period of closure."

H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Abdallah Ali Eltom

"Having served in London before as a Deputy Ambassador provided"Mr. Eltom with deep insights about different aspects of life in the UK.".

"Prior to being appointed as Sudan’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mr. Eltom assumed the role of Head of American Affairs Department at the Foreign Ministry in Sudan."

Direct Communication channel with H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Abdallah Ali Eltom

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Sudan Facilitates Delivery of Humanitarian Aid to South Sudan

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciates the joint statement by the Troika countries on 6th March, in which the three countries; Norway, UK and USA, welcomed Sudanese Government  opening of border crossings with South Sudan for delivery of humanitarian assistance to the needy people in South Sudan. The statement appreciated further hosting of over 360.000 South Sudanese refugees in Sudan, and the decision of Sudan Government to donate food assistance from its food reserves to South Sudan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes this opportunity to reiterate the Government of Sudan's moral commitment to the welfare and stability of the brotherly South Sudanese people and reaffirms the determination to persist in its efforts in the interest of achieving security and stability in South Sudan.

The Spokesperson, Khartoum

10 April 2017









Below is the Troika’s statement of 6th April 2017: 

Troika welcomes the opening of a border crossing from Sudan     to South Sudan to allow humanitarian food assistance to reach   areas suffering from famine and severe food insecurity.

The members of the Troika (Norway, the United Kingdom, and the United States) welcome the Government of Sudan’s opening of the border crossing into Bentiu, in South Sudan, for the    delivery   of humanitarian food assistance to areas gravely affected by the conflict and suffering from famine  and severe food insecurity. This border crossing will allow for a second access route for emergency food assistance, along with the already open Kosti - Renk river corridor. The Troika also recognizes the Government of Sudan’s efforts to facilitate the flow of food assistance through Port Sudan.

The Troika notes Sudan has accepted over 365,000 South Sudanese refugees, including more than 60,000 South Sudanese who have entered Sudan in the first three months of 2017, and encourages the government to ensure continued humanitarian access to these refugee communities. The Troika also welcomes the Sudanese government’s decision to donate food from their own food reserves to people in need in South Sudan.

The Troika calls on the Government of South Sudan to coordinate with the World Food Program and partners providing vital assistance. The Troika urges the government and all armed groups to allow full and safe humanitarian access to reach communities in need, and to ensure that food and other commodities are not diverted from the intended beneficiaries. 

The Troika recommends the opening of additional land and water routes between Sudan and South Sudan so that communities in both countries can benefit from open trade and the efficient and swift movement of humanitarian goods and personnel.

Dr. Khalid Al Mubarak Column

Khartoum Forum on Role of Media in Combating Terrorism

Date: 23/08/2016

The status of the Sudan as one of the most stable countries in a turbulent region was consolidated last week with its choice as a venue for the Arab League's Forum on the Role of Media in Combating Terrorism. The timely event on (18-19 August) was addressed by both the First Vice President, in the opening session, and President Bashir in the closing session. The Arab League was represented by its deputy Secretary General Ahmed Ibn Hilli who ...

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Lifting of Unilateral US Sanctions Open up Sudan for Business

Last week, a very significant development took place. On Friday 13 January 2017 the US administration passed and amended laws that revoke certain Sudan - related unilateral sanctions which were in place for almost two decades. This opens the door for all financial, banking and trade transactions, including fund transfers and dealings in which Sudan is party.


The measures taken by the US administration are in two categories. The first is the Executive Order signed by President Barack Obama providing for the revocation of provisions 1 and 2 in the Executive Order 13067 of 1997 and complete revocation of Executive Order 13412 of 2006.This Executive Order will be effective and remove the two previous Executive Orders from the US Federal Register after 180 days. Consequently, it will no longer be necessary to obtain licenses from OFAC for Sudan-related transactions.

On the other hand, the Treasury, represented by OFAC, issued a general license that permits immediate financial and trade dealings with Sudan, including Export-import facilities and:
- Unblocking Sudan properties and funds;
- Permitting all trade deals between the US and Sudan;
- Allowing US citizens to cooperate in oil, petrochemical industries, oil field services and gas pipelines with Sudan;
- Allowing US citizens to facilitate deals between Sudan and any other state.

These Us measures mean that Sudan is now wide open for foreign investment in mining, oil, tourism, pharmaceutical equipment, communication technologies, agriculture and more. With its huge resources and young population Sudan is at a turning point that will secure mutual benefits for its partners.

Sudan is currently one of the largest gold producers in Africa and is aspiring to become the first in the near future. Other minerals include Chrome, Iron, Uranium, Copper, Mika, Marble and Sulphur. In agriculture, there are about 200 M acres of arable land. The water storage capacity is 30 B Sq meter. There are around 135,892 heads of cattle. Sudan already controls between 70% to 80% of world trade in Gum Arabic which is a main constituent in soft drinks and necessary in pharmaceutical products.

Investors can now transfer funds to and from Sudan without resorting to the services of middlemen. In other words, Sudan is now open for the inflow of capital, including through the establishment of branches for Western and US financial institutions and banks; in a manner that will facilitate export and import activities.

This lifting of US sanctions is part of a package of constructive engagement and dialogue with Sudan which is now considered as an important US partner in combating regional and international terror and confronting regional extremism, in line with the country's constructive internal and regional policies.

The lifting of US sanctions on Sudan has been welcomed regionally and internationally, where as in the UK, the Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, Tobias Elwood, has welcomed the measures.


Sudan Embassy
January 17th 2017

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