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Established on : June 1956

First Ambassador :  HE Awad Satti

The Sudanese Embassy in London A Short History of a Long and enduring Friendship Sudan declared independence peacefully after a vote in parliament on 19 December 1955. Read More

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H.E. Ambassador Mohammed Abdalla Ali Eltom

"Mr. Eltom has been in the Foreign Service for nearly 28 years. "He served in various regions in the world where he held positions in Sudan Embassies in the Middle East in Amman-Jordan, Damascus-Syria and Abu-Dhabi-UAE.".

"He then served in Sudan’s Embassy in Washington DC where he was selected by the Foreign Ministry to be within the diplomatic staff that re-inaugurated the Embassy after a period of closure."

H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Abdallah Ali Eltom

"Having served in London before as a Deputy Ambassador provided"Mr. Eltom with deep insights about different aspects of life in the UK.".

"Prior to being appointed as Sudan’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Mr. Eltom assumed the role of Head of American Affairs Department at the Foreign Ministry in Sudan."

Direct Communication channel with H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Abdallah Ali Eltom

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Media Statement 

On the morning of 29 March 2017 Khartoum hosted the third session of the Strategic Dialogue between Sudan and the UK. The Sudanese side was led by HE Ambassador Abd Elghani Elnaim Awad Elkarim Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs while the British side was headed by HE Ambassador Neil Wigan, Director for Africa at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. 

The meetings discussed a range of issues of mutual interest including promotion of bilateral relations in trade, culture and investment in addition to issues covering the peace process, human rights, migration and human trafficking and combating terrorism and violent extremism.

The third round of talks represents a new phase in this Strategic Dialogue as a number of institutions and ministries from both sides participated adding a further momentum to this process.

During the talks, the United Kingdom welcomed the recent directives issued by Sudan’s Humanitarian Aid Commission to improve humanitarian access to Darfur and the Two Areas, and emphasized the importance placed by the International Community on the issue. The UK further welcomed the decision of the Government of Sudan to open a second humanitarian corridor into South Sudan, affirming its support to Sudan's efforts in hosting South Sudanese refugees

At the end of the meetings a press conference was held in which the heads of the two sides affirmed the success of the session and appreciated the spirit of goodwill that permeated the deliberations. They confirmed the commitments of the two sides to implement what they agreed upon and strive to consolidate bilateral relations and elevate them to a partnership.  They also reiterated determination to develop bilateral relations and cooperation in all fields that contribute to improving and promoting the historical ties between the two countries. 

The next round of the Strategic Dialogue will be held in London in six months’ time as agreed in the meetings.

Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan, London

29 March 2017

Dr. Khalid Al Mubarak Column

Khartoum Forum on Role of Media in Combating Terrorism

Date: 23/08/2016

The status of the Sudan as one of the most stable countries in a turbulent region was consolidated last week with its choice as a venue for the Arab League's Forum on the Role of Media in Combating Terrorism. The timely event on (18-19 August) was addressed by both the First Vice President, in the opening session, and President Bashir in the closing session. The Arab League was represented by its deputy Secretary General Ahmed Ibn Hilli who ...

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التسجيل في السجل الإنتخابي لإنتخابات أبريل 2015




بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


إعلان مهم من سفارة السودان بلندن إلى جميع السودانيين بالمملكة المتحدة وإيرلندا


تود سفارة جمهورية السودان أن تفيد بأن باب التسجيل في السجل الإنتخابي للإنتخابات الرئاسية المنعقدة في أبريل 2015 يبدأ من اليوم الموافق 28/10/2014م وسيستمر لمدة أسبوعين من تاريخه، وسيكون التسجيل بمقر السفارة.


سيكون التسجيل بواسطة الهوية السودانية ولا تُقبل أي وثيقة هوية أجنبية .


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