Leather industries in Sudan

Given its animal resources, Sudan is considered as the richest country in Africa .the total number of national flock amounted to 141,904 million heads in 2010.

Sudan leather industry is characterized by a number of advantages, witch are not available for most of other industrial sector and they could be summarized into:-

  1. Availability of raw material (all kinds of required leather, with suitable amounts and prices as well).

  2. Availability of infrastructure whether that witch is related to manufacturing of leather raw material(tanneries) or leather in its all phases , whether it is ready for local industry or partially manufactured for export or leather products with high quality.


A/ Leather :

The price of exported hides & skins amounted to 13.974milion US dollars in 2010 and 30.027milion US dollars in 2011 according to Sudan bank foreign trade statistical digest 2011.

B/ Tanneries: there are many big and medium tanneries in Sudan and rural tannery groups distributed throughout the country. Tanneries export (w/b) leather.

Development operations are underway for exporting crust, finished and manufactured leather products.

C/leather shoes:

The total amount of skin & hides (in thousand tons) during 2009-2010.







Source: Sudan Bank annual report for2010.

Fields and opportunities of investment in leather industry:-

A/ promoting operational capacity of existing tanneries to reach the level of producing crust leather, (its an advanced phase of soft tannery) and upgrading finishing capacity to meet local market demand.

B/Establishment of new tanneries in Khartoum , Algazeera and Kordofan to increase production so as to provide products for local market and export.

C/Producing leather clothes for export.

D/ Establishment of modern factories for producing shoes ,bags and belt of nhigh quality for external markets.

E/Producing compressed leather in Khartoum ,Darfour,Algazeera and Kordofan.

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