Entery Visa

Important Guidelines

The Embassy issues entry visas to Sudan for all purposes with one standard designation (visit), with a validity of (60) days including the date of issue and it allows the person to stay in the country for (60) days including the day of his/her arrival. After arrival in the country, extension of stay can be applied for at the General Directorate the Passports, Immigration and Nationality, Ministry of Interior, Khartoum, Sudan. Those who wish to stay for employment in Sudan should contact their sponsors in Sudan to arrange for their 60 days entry visa at the same Directorate, which will pass the approval to us via the Foreign Ministry to issue the visa. After the travel to Sudan, their sponsors should apply for their Residency and multiple exit & return permit.   

For Tourist/Business:

Visas are issued upon approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum, Sudan.

All Applications must first be presented to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Sudan by one of the following:

  • A Sponsor (Relatives or Friends in Sudan)
  • A Sponsoring Company based in Sudan
  • Business partner based in Sudan
  • A Hotel or Travel Agency based in Sudan. Please visit www.sudan.net for the list of hotels and travel agencies who can assist with the visa application process.

Normal processing time is four (4) to six (6) weeks. Applicants may follow up with the Consular section of the Embassy to check the status of their application. Or to check any information received from their hosts or business partners in Sudan, applicant can send in the following requirements:

  • Filled-out Visa Application Form
  • Passport (must be valid for at least six (6) months and should not have Israeli Visas of Immigration stamps affixed to it).
  • Yellow fever and cholera vaccinations are recommended.
  • A letter from the sponsoring company stating the purpose of the trip, duration of stay, financial responsibility and references in Sudan.
  • One (1) passport sized photo
  • Fee is £55.00

For Diplomatic Officials

Please submit the following:

  • Diplomatic note from the UK foreign office (All details of the trip must be included)
  • Filled-out Visa Application Form
  • One (1) passport sized photos attached to the form
  • Copy of the passport

Normal processing time is four (4) to six (6) weeks. Passports are only required once the visa application is approved. The Embassy will notify the applicant as soon as approval is obtained. Visas are issued upon approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum, Sudan.

Visa Validation

  • Validity of visa is 60 days including the date of issue.
  • Period of stay is 60 days starting from the date of entry to Sudan.

Important Note:

Applicants sending their applications by post must furnish the Consular section of the Embassy with a return envelope with tracking number. (postage/shipment paid by the applicant)

Please send Applications to: Consular section of Sudan Embassy

3 Cleveland Row

London, SW1A 1DD

Tel: 020-78398080

We only accept the following forms of payment:

If Sending Applications by mail:

  • UK Postal Order

If dropping applications at the embassy:

  • Cash
  • UK Postal Order

All payments must be payable to Embassy of Sudan, London.

Visa Application Form

Please remember to write clearly and complete the entire application form including the details of the sponsors (full name and address, telephone number, email). Failure to do so may result in your application rejected or delayed.

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