Allegations on the Use of Chemical Weapons in Darfur

Allegations on the Use of Chemical Weapons in Darfur


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Sudan is astounded by the Report that was issued by Amnesty International containing various allegations that the Sudanese Army has used chemical weapons in Darfur. The allegations are timed to overlap with the most welcome official acknowledgement (internally and regionally) that the Darfur conflict that flared up in 2003 is over: the term of office of the Darfur Regional Authority that was formed in 2011 in compliance with the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur has come to an end after laying the foundations for the peace currently prevailing in Darfur. The successful conclusion of the requirements of the Doha Document for Peace was celebrated recently in the presence of all international partners and relevant heads of State.
Moreover, UNAMID troops, a total of 17,500 are tasked since 2008 with monitoring human rights violations or violations of International Humanitarian Laws. The Mission has submitted five reports to the Security Council this year, none of which referred to any of these biased allegations. Several international envoys including the independent human rights expert and the US envoy for the Sudan and South Sudan have visited our country last August. All of them noted the positive developments which they witnessed on the ground.
The Sudan is party since 1998 to the International Convention on Prohibition of Production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons, and was never in a position to produce or possess chemical weapons.
These fabricated allegations remind us of the destruction of Al Shifa Pharmaceutical Factory in Khartoum North in 1998 on the basis of misleading intelligence information that claimed it was a chemical weapons producing centre. That turned out to be incorrect and the owner was duly compensated.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs would like to absolutely refute Amnesty International's allegations, which are baseless and fabricated and deserve to be seen as such.
The purpose of such allegations is to obstruct the pioneering efforts in the Sudan along the path of peace, stability, economic development, consolidation of social cohesion and reconciliation.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is confident of the awareness of all regional and international partners of the actual stability in Darfur and of the Sudan's comprehensive efforts to achieve security, peace and national reconciliation.

Issued in Khartoum

29 September 2016
The Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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