To All Fellow Sudanese

Khalid Al Mubarak
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Date: 25/09/2012


The latest video emanating from the USA, like similar previous publications in other countries, places a duty on people of other faiths to speak out against such abhorrent acts.

From the comments I heard on the BBC Radio 4, this material does not rank as an intellectual contribution to a religious debate, and has aptly been described as "crab". Whilst agreeing that governments in the West cannot at present be held to blame for such irresponsible acts of individuals, who are either seeking fame for themselves or have ulterior motives, these governments should re-think how far can the cherished freedom of speech be stretched if not abused to encourage and protect such ugly and dangerous acts of far reaching consequences.

The Sudan has so far been an excellent example of religious tolerance. In my own extended family's experience, my late (Christian) grandfather found refuge in Omdurman (as a young boy in his 'teens) in the days of the Mahdi's Islamic state, when he fled persecution in Syria in the days of the Ottoman Empire. The present provocative act and similar ones in recent years could well be designed to undermine such peaceful and constructive co-existence in many countries, and societies must be alert and defuse such bombs before they explode.

The ultimate purpose towards which all religions converge is preaching human virtues and peace. If this is the focus, religious fanaticism should not arise.Whether Moslem or Christian, Sunni or Shee'a, Hindu or Jewish, etc., etc., no prejudices or causes of hatred should exist. Indeed, when issues of immorality such as gay marriage arise, a true Muslim and a true Christian have more in common than a true Christian and a promiscuous one have. When extremists from rival religions clash, innocent people get killed in the crossfire. This is what has happened now to the Americans. But perhaps if the Americans leave the world alone, they will be left alone!


During  the 70s he was lecturer of physical- chemistry -U of K
Retired from a long academic career as a Physical Chemist, leading to Headship & Deanship, followed by a brief period as Group Technical Manager of a U.K. company engaged in Spray Drying before setting up own company in 1985.
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Chartered Chemist and Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry, Gt. Britain. MSc & PhD in Physical Chemistry at University of London in 60's

By Prof. PHILIP MUSSALLI, 25/09/2012

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