Former French Diplomat Stuns London Opposition Sudan Civic Foundation Event

Khalid Al Mubarak
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Date: 03/02/2013

The Sudan Civic Foundation organised an event on Saturday 26 January, 2013, to introduce a new book, All Aspects of the Sudan.  The author, Michele Raimmbaud, was the main speaker.  Supporters of the warlords who signed the infamous “Kampala Affront” or “sunset document” were shocked when the seasoned diplomat said that the Sudan is not targeted in isolation, but as part of a strategy to undermine Arab and Muslim countries.  The resources of the Sudan make it a target because of its huge mineral wealth including uranium, gold, oil, copper and others.
He repeated: I am neither a politician nor a Sudanese, but I say what I know is fact, and I have represented France for more than five years in Khartoum.  The former ambassador (whose Arab wife Jihan was with him) listened patiently when one adherent of a Darfur rebel group accused him of links with the Sudanese government and said that Dr. Nafie has praised him!

 During answers he divulged that the regime of Hosni Mubarak played a major role in undermining the Sudan and pushing for the secession of the South. I warned Egyptian diplomats and said: “Your turn will come when the same anti-Sudan powers aim at you”.
When I got a chance to comment I praised his honesty and said that his testimony proves that the khawajat are not all one bloc against us. I apologised to him for the accusations and said that his statement was true.  I quoted a document “Project for a New American Century” which was prepared by Likud-linked US neo-cons who went on to push George Bush for his Iraqi invasion.
I added that David Ben-Gurion formulated the strategy of inciting the minorities in Arab countries in order to break up their cohesion.  This was documented, I said, by an Israeli academic called Avi Shlaim who teaches at Oxford.

Michele Raimmbaud
Michele Raimmbaud

I also said that Abdul Wahid’s group was originally called “Darfur Liberation Front” until SPLM advised a change of name for political marketing.
Addressing the opposition (who tried to silence me) I quoted the late Mohamed Ibrahim Nugud who said in an interview with Ajras Al Hurriya that the countries that support and embrace Sudanese opposition have their own agendas.  They don’t do it out of love for the Sudan.
My last comment was the assertion that the real attack is not only against President Bashir or the National Congress Party, but an existential struggle against the homeland.
My impression is that the retired ambassador was confident of the patriotism of his listeners and expected them to appreciate his honesty and fairness but was disappointed.  The bitter fact is that organisations with Tel Aviv offices are not likely to think of patriotism, even when they are called “cancer” by a Likud politician.
A very well-attended event at Al Abrar centre.
Many look forward to the Arabic and English translations of the Book.

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