On Darfur: Aegis Trust Against the Rest

Khalid Al Mubarak
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Date: 12/03/2013

Date: 24/03/2013

14 March provided another proof - that the Netanyahu-Lieberman Israel lobby pursues policies (under the guise of holocaust prevention) that undermine the efforts of the international community for achieving peace and stability.
While the US, UK, Norway and France join hands readily with China, Russia, the UN and the AU in their support for the historic Darfur Doha Donor’s Conference scheduled for next April, Aegis Trust (the UK’s equivalent of the US Israel lobby organisation Save Darfur Coalition) is leading a campaign to fan the flames of the Darfur crisis and “bury” the 10th Anniversary of the Bush-Blair illegal and catastrophic invasion of Iraq.
A free-wine event was organized, not about Iraq; but about the tenth anniversary of the Darfur crisis.  The main speaker Dr. Mukesh Kapila, a (paid?) representative of Aegis Trust said that “genocide” in Darfur has continued “longer than the second world war”.
His hyperbole was in sharp contrast to the reality.  World Authorities on Darfur have not used the word “genocide”.  The UN’s own mission has not concluded that genocide was the proper word to use.  Human Rights Watch has not used the word.  Senator John Danforth, G. Bush’s special envoy to Sudan has admitted publicly that the US administration’s usage of the word was meant for local political consumption, to placate the US Christian Right in the run-up to the 2004 Presidential Election.  Dr. Andrew Natsios who was also a US special envoy to the Sudan has criticized President Obama for his “genocide” usage.
Admittedly, the ICC’s former prosecutor, L. Moreno-Ocampo has used the word; and he has been “honoured” by the US Israel lobby on 14 November 2012.
Aegis Trust’s tenth anniversary incitement in London coincided with the visit – on the same day 14 March of Dr. Tigani Seisi, chairman of the Darfur Regional Authority to Cairo where he met the Egyptian President Dr. Mohamed Mursi and secured Egypt’s participation in the Doha Donor’s Conference.
From Cairo, he flew to London where the British Government too confirmed participation in the Conference. The UN and African Unions are also on board.  So are China and the USA.
Thousands are returning daily to their villages in Darfur and the rebels who are completely isolated after the collapse of Gaddafi’s regime and reconciliation between Chad and the Sudan are now reduced to highway robbery and isolated attacks on civilians.
No.  They are not completely isolated.  They have got “Aegis Trust” and “Waging Peace”.
The only rebels who refuse even to negotiate with the government of the Sudan for peace are the ones who have offices in Tel Aviv.
Darfur rebels and their allies of SPLM-N know (what their mentors know even better) that they stand no chance of achieving regime change.  Their role is to “annoy” the Sudanese Government and provide a thin pretext for continued US sanctions.

Notwithstanding the free-wine event and the colourful book launched by Dr. M. Kapila, the international community is moving in the opposite direction for the one advocated by the spoilers of peace who fan the flames of crisis.

In desperation, they resort to fireworks (like sending Dr. M. Kapila to enter the Sudan without a visa, breaking British as well as Sudanese law, and return to brag about it).

The event was closed without even a chance for participants to respond, comment or ask questions.  Typical of those who are not sure of their ground and would like to avoid any dialogue.  They know that they can’t win any open dialogue, because they stand alone against the West and against the Rest.

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