Sudan embassy newsletter January-2016


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  1. Refugees Situation in Sudan
  2. Protocol on the Participation of the Justice and Equality Movment-Sudan at the Different Levels of Government and on the integrtion of its forces
  3. The African Union welcomes the signing of the implementation Matrix for the Agreements signed between Sudan and South Sudan
  4. U.S. & Russia clashed in the UNSC over a response on agreement between Sudan & South Sudan
  5. The Politics of Sudanese Higher Education Revisited
  6. On Darfur: Aegis Trust Against the Rest
  7. Sudan Embassy Media Office Press Release 9th January 2013
  8. Israel attacks the Sudan - Press Release
  9. Darfur-South Kordofan: Successful DDR Conference in London
  10. The Heathrow Line Furore Is a weak Private Sector a Blessing in Disguise?
  11. Reply to Dr. Jibreel Ibrahim's Sudan Tribune Article: Khartoum’s Response will not Eclipse the New Dawn Charter
  12. The Japanese Nippon Foundation Calls for End of Discrimination against Leprosy Patients
  13. Mali - Sudan: Undermining Moderate Islam in the Sudan feeds Malian and other Extremisms
  14. Sudan Civil Society Debate
  15. Former French Diplomat Stuns London Opposition Sudan Civic Foundation Event
  16. The US Charge Affaires Speaks
  17. Sudan’s Folk Singer Al Tagtaga Passes Away
  18. Darfur-South Kordofan: A successful DDR Summit in London
  19. Darfur Palestine; Tell the Truth When You Retire!
  20. The Israeli Lobby and the Sudan: Questions and Answers (1-2)
  21. Investment Takes Off in the Sudan
  22. Minister of Information and Culture Visits Beijing and the BBC
  23. Cultural Contrasts and Confluence
  24. To All Fellow Sudanese
  25. On Darfur: Aegis Trust Against the Rest
  26. The Politics of Sudanese Higher Education – Revisited | By Khalid Al Mubarak
  27. Darfur - Media War, August 2008
  28. News 10-10-2012 including Embassy Reply to the Guardian

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