Professor Woodward’s Disappointing Chapter

Khalid Al Mubarak
Date: 18/07/2013

During a recent dinner-discussion at the House of Lords, hosted by Baroness Hussein, participants told the Sudanese Ambassador and his visiting ministers Dr. Amin Hassan Omer and Mr. Tajeldin Nyam that the Sudan had an “image problem” in the media.

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A London “ Westminster (Portcullis House) Debate: South Sudan: Two Years On

Date: 22/07/2013
Khalid Al Mubarak

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Sudan and South Sudan has made a rather unusual (un-British) choice.  Both chairpersons are openly and undiplomatically unfair to the Republic of the Sudan.  Baroness Kinnock and MP William Bain have signed a provocative statement on 18 February 2013 entitled “Global Call to stop the Horror in Sudan” co-signatories include ideologically motivated politicians like Baroness Cox, Louise Ellman MP, Lord Alton, US Frank R. Wolf, US Michael Capuano.  A wiser alternative would have been, in line with the British sense of fairness, to divide sympathies or choose two chairs that are both neutral in order to ensure open lines of communication with both Khartoum and Juba.

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The International Crisis Group: Sudan Reports

“Much of the International Group’s advocacy is done behind closed doors”
ICG’s Group Annual Report 2007

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USÂ Surveillance: The Teacher and his Pupils

Khalid Al Mubarak
Date: 14/07/2013
I used to visit one of my former teachers, the versatile Yahya Hussein Yagoub.  He was proud of the success of his former pupils and would always ask: Where is so and so now?
On one occasion he said about his most successful pupils: “Al Hiwar Al Ghalab Sheikhu”.  The disciple who overtook his master, a saying based on the Khalwa religious education.
I was reminded of this when the German Der Spiegel magazine published (11 June 13) an article by Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger- the German Minister of Justice under the title: Prism Scandal: security is not an end in itself.
She argued that the US Patriot Act significantly limits the rights of Americans and that restrictions enacted during George Bush’s era have not been reversed although Obama was against them as a senator.   She criticised the Prism surveillance that was exposed by Snowden and quoted the US politician and author Benjamin Franklin who wrote: “Those who give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
This is a classic example of the disciple who overtook her mentor.  After the Second World War, the victorious allies started on a “denazification” policy which aimed at uprooting undemocratic currents that gave rise to German militarism and Nazism and replace them with democratic ones.  The generation of the minister of justice grew up in a democratic Germany that takes citizens rights seriously.  The tables are turned now.  The Germans give their former masters in democracy corrective lessons.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) Exposed: Omer El Agab Speaks (from the grave)

Khalid Al Mubarak
Date: 13/07/2013
Those who pass away do communicate with us sometimes.  We see them in our dreams, we remember them when we turn the pages of albums, or we read their manuscripts or books.  All this, however, falls short of what we experienced on 7 July 2013 during the memorial that the family of Dr. Omer Y. El Agab organised at the Kelllog’s College-Oxford.

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