Experts: Sudan Capacity to Become Arab's Top Potato Producer

Khartoum - Gardens of the Friendship hall will host in current December the International Carnival of Potatoes. The festival will continue for five days with a wide participation including 250 Egyptian, Saudi and Europe companies in addition to two Dutch companies (HZPC & STET) specialized in fields of high quality seeds of potatoes that proved successful in Sudan.
The festival aims to centralize potatoes in the Sudanese dining- table and to adopt these crop as an essential economic source to the Sudanese economy particular after increasing the cultivation- areas with suitable soil and climate, in addition to the local and imported improved seeds and the fertilizers and pesticides, declared the chairman of board Directors of Anam Company Sheikh Al-Sanhoury.
Moreover, the areas of cultivation of potato became wider as the markets receive every day great quantities and different kinds of potatoes, explained Sanhoury and added that the traders and companies were directed recently to provide special vegetable refrigerators to keep the product, which means the product will be available to the customers in a cheep price all time.

The idea of the festival comes after information issued by a numbers of international experts who confirmed that the country is ready to be the first Arab state in the field of production of potato due to its suitable climate and enough areas to produce the crop, which became in the third stage of the international cash crops and the most used in nutrition and food after wheat and rice, according to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).
The first festival of Potato witnessed large participation from companies and factories from within and without, said Sanhoury and added it aim also to enlighten the Sudanese public opinion about the importance of potatoes as an important cash crop which is cable to contribute a great deal to state's budget.
Besides, the festival target to focus on the tradition equipments of cultivating and producing potatoes and its rule in increasing the production including the use of the modern methods of irrigation, fertilizing and pesticides to secure the health of the farmer and raise the rates of production, explained Sanhoury and remarked to promote the efficiency of the farmers to fill the gab of immigration of the workers towards the regions of gold mining.
In the same context, the festival intends to promote the culture of eating potatoes and to encourage the Sudanese people tasting different meals of potatoes in their daily life. Also the gathering of the experts will discuss the necessity of cold storing according to safety international methods to avoid the damages caused from bad storing in addition to explaining the best ways of packing the crop till it reach to the customer in a healthy good condition.
The activities of the festival included a number of symposiums, workshop and various media programs in addition to a ceremony of an open table consist f more than 60 kind of potatoes meals to taste by the public audience and a big party under the auspice of the Presidency of the Republic to honor the superior farmers and producers in addition to the distinguished agricultural experts and scientists in the country.
In the course of that , an agricultural delegation from FAO in UN and a delegation from the International Dutch company " STAET" paid field visit to the farms of producing Potatoes in Sudan at regions of Kassala, Medani, Omdurman . The delegations were informed on the recent development of cultivating operations while the production reached 2 million sack in last season which cover the needs of Khartoum and all Sudan's states.


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